‘Themselves’ is a multi-disciplinary network, cultural think-tank and content platform. It attempts to contribute ‘significant activity’ to ‘culture’; this is its desired output.


‘Culture’ as it pertains to the idea of a civilisation’s ‘consciousness’, in this sense its aim is ‘consciousness raising’, or consciousness enhancing. It understands that this purpose is an ever evolving and constantly shifting process that isn’t necessarily concrete, but it attempts to output concrete results anyway - for reasons of practicality.


To go about this process, ‘Themselves’ morphs itself into whatever form or shape is required to enable this ‘desired output’, and this volatile and temporal nature is embedded into its structure and coordination - which sees its format, arrangement and presentation ‘shift’ constantly, in order to try and produce that ‘desired output’. In these ‘shifts’ and ‘morphs’, the model followed is always one of attempted ‘balance’.


To create a balance between the collective (‘Them’) and the individual (‘Self’), in order to create the desired output.  


Themselves has held a number of successful and ambitious event over its 18 months of existence, and is set to grow and expand further in the coming future.


This is the website, which will be used primarily to support the ‘content platform’ nature of “Themselves”, featuring content created and supported through the network that will include written work, media, documented event footage, films, essays, research, art, music etc.


The website will also feature a forum to act as an online work/discussion space outside of the regular meetings and gatherings held by Themselves physically. And it will also of course feature a hub for news and background information for those interested in finding out more about what we’re doing and what we’ve done.


Please do get involved.